If you love poetry, and you're a little bit competitive (like me!) then I have just the challenge for you!  How about jumping on the #30poems30days Challenge!

This year in creative writing, I've decided that I want my students to have access to as many different styles of poetry as possible.  That's why I've narrowed down my 30 favorite types of poems to teach - and I'm going to teach them all in just 30 days!  It's going to be crazy, and I won't be able to get into great depth with each poetic form or style, but what I will be able to do is expose my students to a huge variety of poems so that they can decide for themselves what kind of poets they want to be.  Here's everything you need to know about Write 30 Poems in 30 Days...

Poem Types

I've broken down my selection into three major categories:  form poetry, free verse poetry, and found poetry.  Form poetry consists of the kinds of poems that require adherence to a very strict rhyme scheme or syllable pattern.  Free verse poetry is just that - free to the stylistic discretion of each poet!  I've provided a few themes and topics and "kinds" of poems to help jumpstart student writing.  Finally, found poetry is the type of poetry that is a gathering of language in the world around the poet, then composed and arranged in a brand new, unique way!  Click through some examples below...

Setting Up the Challenge

In my classroom, I've laminated 30 pieces of scrapbook cardstock and numbered them 1-30.  I then printed off my Write 30 Poems in 30 Days handouts, and one by one, I'll be posting those up on the wall in the order that I teach each poem (see image gallery for an idea!).  Next, I will be assigning students their digital poetry interactive notebooks (included with the product!) and each day they write, they will add to their notebooks.  Everything is neatly organized through Google Classroom, so no crazy notebook lugging back and forth from home for me!!

Are You READY for the CHALLENGE?

I sure hope so!  Follow along using #30poems30days and catch my students on Instagram @mudandinkteaching.

I want to do poetry in April, but this sounds too intense for me...

Never fear!  I have a really simple Poetry Teacher's Ultimate Survival Guide handbook for teachers just like you!  Grab your free copy right now!