My Morning Routine:  

The True Diary of a Workaholic, Trying-to-have-it-all English Teacher

I have to admit...I’ve watched my fair share of “morning routine” videos on YouTube.  They crack me up:  so many of the teenage girls making them could be my students and the things the YouTubers include in the videos are both endearing and totally random!

I certainly don’t have it all together when it comes to my morning routine.  Actually, I’d hesitate to even call it a routine, but the masses called for my TRUTH and my truth I shall share!  And to do so, I’ve enlisted the help of Adobe Spark.

Adobe Spark Pages:  For Teachers

The videos of these morning routine videos are gorgeous.  I did not have the time or even the knowhow to create one of these, but what I do know how to do is create a gorgeous Adobe Spark Page.  Take a look at my morning routine page here!

Adobe Spark Page

Nice, isn’t it?   There are so many things I enjoy about pages:  primarily, I love the simplicity of the technology and the beauty of the design.  I did no coding, minimal font choosing, and was just relieved to just insert my pictures and go.

I’ve used Adobe Spark pages for a few other situations:  my family Christmas card and a webquest for gaining background knowledge before reading the novel In the Time of the Butterflies.  My next project?  I plan to try using Spark Pages to create virtual field trips!

Adobe Spark Pages:  For Students

As you can imagine, Spark Pages has amazing potential for student learning and publishing in the classroom.  With pages, students could do so many things:

  • Publish a photo essay

  • Create a character profile

  • Create a mock website for a business/product

  • Create an introduction of themselves

  • Present research on virtually any topic

Using Adobe Spark Pages in the Classroom:  A Tutorial

Want to try Adobe Spark pages in your own classrooms?  I made a tutorial video for you!  Check it out below and be sure to share with other teachers that would love using this tech tool!


About the Author:

My name is Amanda Cardenas and I’m the author behind the website I love blogging and participating in the Secondary Series Facebook Live crew on Thursdays!  You can also find me on Instagram @mudandinkteaching, Twitter @mudandink_, or directly via email