When is the last time YOU got to sit down with a fresh new notebook, pen in hand, and write something beautiful?  Something other than a lesson plan?  Something other than notes all over a bleeding red essay that seems beyond repair?

I'm with you.

Sometimes I feel like the only creative writing I do anymore is the "creative" commentary I leave on student's papers to identify ways to make them less terrible.

BUT NOW IT'S SUMMER!  It's time for you - time for you to relax and enjoy yourself and while you're at it, spend a little time doing professional development that you actually ENJOY.  Here's your chance!

Creative Writing Summer Camp for Teachers:

Reignite your Creative Self

  • Class will run from July 6th - 27th
  • Takes place online - anytime you're on your phone or laptop, you can be with us!
  • Explore three genres as a WRITER:  creative nonfiction, short fiction, and poetry
  • Network with other teachers that love writing and grow from one another
  • Pick up a few lesson and tech ideas along the way
  • Enrollment fee: $25.00 per student

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