School has been chuging along on what seems like an endless, antique, coal-powered train, and now as I look into the week ahead (amazingly organized and planned, somehow), I realize that there IS something I forgot.

Packing up my room.

So, here it is folks:  the five day get your classroom summer ready plan.  I have five weekdays ahead of me and my goal is to get my room totally cleaned and packed (minus what's absolutley needed for finals) in just five days.

MONDAY:  On the first day, divide the room into quadrants.  The key is to make this managable!  Plan to tackle one quadrant per day.  So, I'm taking Quadrant 1 - the back corner.  Everything's coming down and getting sorted or thrown away.

TUESDAY:  Up next, Quadrant 2 - the other back corner.  This is mostly my classroom library.  By the end of day two, the whole back of the room should be packed and cleaned up!

WEDNESDAY: On to Quadrant 3 - the front quadrant by the entry door.  This section has a lot of bulliten board cleaning to do!

THURSDAY:  At last, the most disorganized and terrifying corner of the room, Quadrant 4:  my teaching/computer desk!  Time to make sure everything is passed back, thrown out, recycled and completely done!

FRIDAY:  This is the last day in the five day plan - I'm reserving this day for wiping, sweeping, and any last tidying needed from the completed week at school.

If all goes to plan, this leaves me with three days of finals in a clean, packed room and no lingering stress!  Stay tuned on Instagram @mudandinkteaching to keep me accountable!  Good luck getting your rooms packed up and getting on your way to a relaxing and rejuvenating summer break - you deserve it!