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Why Teach Box?  

It's time to add Teach Box to your secondary ELA curriculum.  Teach Box is a supplementary curriculum curated for ELA teachers monthly.  No matter how busy or how crazy your year is going, you can count on Teach Box to have your back, support you (I'm a teacher too!), and inspire you.

1.  We Use Essential Questions

If you haven't heard about Essential Questions and Inquiry Based Instruction, you'll definitely want to check out Grant Wiggins' work.  This is the foundation of our curriculum design:  no matter what novel or unit you're currently teaching, we send you a mini-unit based around a question.  Almost all of these questions can be applied in ANY unit you're teaching!  The questions lead students to have deep, meaningful discussions about fiction, nonfiction, film, and even poetry.  Here are a few sample Essential Questions for boxes we've done in the past:


2.  Materials are Curated Monthly

As much as we love Teachers Pay Teachers and other places on the web where you can buy pre-packaged curriculum, there are always two major issues our teachers find with that path:  1 - the authors are rarely available for training and/or answering questions, and 2 - the content can feel dated or inflexible.  Here at Teach Box, we write the curriculum month-by-month while spending time with our teachers on Instagram and Facebook.   In the social media space, we share, collaborate, and discuss what topics and skills are going to be the most helpful and relevant for each upcoming box.  Nothing here is "pre-packaged":  it's organic and fresh to your email box every month.

3.  We Know You're Talented

Talented teachers aren't looking for one-size-fits-all solutions.  Talented teachers, like you, are looking for new angles, fresh ideas, and inspiring conversations to keep your classroom moving and discussing literature.  That's why Teach Box lessons are all editable and available to you via Google Drive.  We don't send you PDFs and basic worksheets.  We send you lesson plans that offer outlines and suggestions and student handouts that you can change to adapt to your classroom however you'd like.  Our Boxes also include an hand-pick list of links to nonfiction articles from a huge variety of places across the web, from The New Yorker to The Washington Post to even some more small-scale blog writers.  But we don't stop there:  we also provide a YouTube playlist of videos to accompany the month's question.  All in all, you're walking away with a super engaging essential question, three lesson plans, three student handouts, nonfiction articles, and YouTube videos all to mix and match and use in your own, talented, and unique way.

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