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Setup & Routines:  Simple Shakespeare

This is the opening lesson that I use to get my students ready to read a Shakespeare play. At our school, we teach Julius Caesar to 10th graders, and my students are not your “cookie-cutter” classroom. We have students with IEPs, families below the poverty line, dealing with depression and anxiety, you name it! All of this is just to say, Shakespeare is not really at the top of any of their agendas.

Throughout my Caesar unit students are working in collaborative groups. Whenever there’s a task, a question, a jigsaw, or any other activity, the students are grouped together to work through the problems and text of the play. This is the lesson that I do to establish those groups.

The groups in this unit are called “Acting Troupes”. We spend a few minutes informally exploring The Globe, how actors had to do their jobs differently from what we know actors do now, and then, I turn them loose to form their troupes! Download here!