It's time to head back to school with The Secondary Series!  We are so excited to share a whole entire week of broadcasting with you all.  This Back to School: Tech Talk Week series will focus entirely on edtech tips and tricks for any secondary educator to bring back into his or her classroom.  

Why watch?

You mean, you need another reason other than exceptionally fun and free professional development?  Well, we're offering out TWO TpT $50 gift cards to our viewers as well as printable certificates for professional development.  Depending on your state and district, you may be able to use these certificates to redeem toward your certification (you'll have to ask your supervisor about this, but we'll hand over the proof that you were trained!).

Where do I go?

Join us in our Secondary Series Facebook group every night the week of July 30th - August 5th from 7:00pm - 7:30pm CST.  We will broadcast there LIVE, but you can always catch the replays there in the group by clicking on the tab VIDEOS.  Here's a look at the lineup:

Sunday July 30th:

7:00pm - Kick Off!  Meet your Teacher-Broadcasters

Module 1 @ 7:20pm - 6 Ways to Use Snapchat in Your Classroom with Amanda C.

Monday July 31st:

Module 2 @ 7:00pm - Grading with Macros in Google Docs with Amanda C.

Module 3 @ 7:10pm - Make Using Multiple Sites Painless:  One Tab with April C.

Module 4 @ 7:20pm - EdPuzzle with April C.

Tuesday August 1st:

Module 5 @ 7:00pm - with April C.

Module 6 @ 7:10pm - Zip Grade with April C.

Module 7 @ 7:20pm - Prezi with Kim C.

Wednesday August 2nd:

Module 8  7:00pm - Autocrat with Tziri L

Module 9 @ 7:20pm - Google Suite/Classroom  with Erin C.

Thursday August 3rd:

Module 10 @ 7:00pm -  Canva with Meredith D.

Module 11 @ 7:10pm - Quizizz with Tziri L.

Module 12 @ 7:20pm - StoryBoardThat with Kim C.

Friday August 4th:

Module 13 @ 7:00pm - Legend with Kim J.

Module 14 @ 7:10pm - Spark Video with Kim J.

Saturday August 5th:

Module 15 @ 7:00pm - PowToon in the Classroom with Amanda W.

7:10pm - Gift Card Winner Announced!

Enter our TpT Gift Card Raffle and Qualify for Your PD Certificate!

For every broadcast that you attend, you'll be eligible to enter our raffle AND qualify for a PD certificate.  All you need to do is tune in, listen for the EXIT TICKET question, and respond to the question here.  The raffle will take place on August 5th 2017 (the last day of broadcasts), so entries after that date will not be eligible for the gift card.  You may, however, continue to respond to exit ticket questions to qualify for your PD certificate up until September 5th.  After September 5th, no more entries will be accepted.