Assessment is a critical component to quality teaching and learning, but often we only talk about it in the most high-stakes terms.  If you're new to formative assessment or if you've been adding tools to your arsenal all along, I think you'll find that "Odd One Out" could be a great addition to your classroom.  Take a look at what we shared this week on Periscope as part of the Back to School:  Secondary Scope Series.  

NOTE** This video is a {PERISCOPE REPLAY}, not a normal video! You are watching a previously recorded live broadcast on the platform Periscope. You will hear me talking to other "viewers" who were in the room at the time. For the official video, subscribe and sit tight until I have that made!

I hope everyone who was there live was able to learn so much from our time together.  If you're just watching this now, head on over to our Facebook group where we always continue the discussion together and you can grab a copy of the Google Slide show that I shared during the scope:

A Request

After the scope, many of you requested the rubric I use to grade these "Odd One Out" questions.  Here's a screen shot from one of my quizzes for In the Time of the Butterflies.

Since we don't use points in our gradebook, this is the scale that we developed.  The "5" response is the best because it demonstrates a complex connection (a significant relationship) and the observations that are stated are grounded firmly in the text.  Grading these can certainly be tricky, and, as I stated in the video, one of the struggles with this kind of assignment.

What are your thoughts?  How are you implementing this strategy in your classroom this year?