Welcome, Jennifer Gonzalez fans!



Just so you know, we're Jenn Gonzalez fans too!  

If you are here right now, that means that you aspire to be a certain kind of teacher.  You believe in the power of inspired curriculum and innovative teaching practices.  We believe it too.  The Cult of Pedagogy is a place where we, The Amandas (founders of Teach Box), have always found common ground, ideas to reinvigorate our teaching, and the kind of research that can transform schools.

As teachers and followers of innovators in our field like Jenn Gonzalez, Sir Ken Robinson, Kelly Gallagher and so many others, we were committed to leaving our mark as well.  We, Amanda Cardenas and Amanda Werner, decided that our contribution to passionate teachers around the world would be Teach Box.

Teach Box is a brand new subscription service for English Language Arts teachers.  Every month, Teach Box delivers engaging, innovative, and exciting ELA curriculum to your inbox.  Specifically, each month, teachers receive three lessons, an assessment tool, a custom-curated resource library of resources, a video playlist of corresponding content, and a bonus lesson.  Subscribers also have unlimited access to us - the creators - and each other via a private Facebook group for collaboration and inspiration.  Each Teach Box is completely editable and, more importantly, is centered around an Essential Question making your "box" of curriculum versatile for personalization and implementation into your school year.   Questions from previous boxes include:

  • To what extent is society greedy or generous?
  • How does food shape literature and culture?
  • How do folktales impact our lives today?
  • What are the origins and impacts of customs & traditions  on a group of people?

If you have a Cult of Pedagogy philosophy in your teaching and you're looking to reinvigorate or recreate curriculum in your ELA classroom, join us over at Teach Box.  

Use the coupon code FIRSTMONTHFREE to experience Teach Box for yourself!