Golden apple scholar - 2004


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NEW TEACHER MENTOR - 2014 & 2016


Teaching is my passion.

I can still remember the warmth and joy I felt every day walking into Mrs. Kramer’s 5th grade classroom. She was the teacher I loved and the woman who inspired me to become a teacher: I knew that if I could spend my life creating a space for others to love learning as much as I did, then I would be living my dream.

Many years later, here I am. After years of course work, international travel, mentorship, and classroom experience, I’ve arrived at a place in my career where I’m ready and excited to share my experiences with other teachers. Here at Mud and Ink Teaching, my goal is to inspire, educate, and support other teachers in their curriculum design experience and help improve their practice in the classroom.

Bringing Professional Development to Your Staff

I have presented at a number of conferences and professional development events nation-wide. I am excited to partner with your school or district for your upcoming event. Presentations can include any of the following areas of my professional expertise:

  • Curriculum design in ELA: building Essential Questions, vertical and horizontal articulation, cultural relevance and diversity, and more.

  • Poetry Instruction: building a department-wide strategy, incorporating more contemporary works, new instructional methods, building a poetry club or spoken word poetry team, and more.

  • Teaching & Travel: inspiring teachers to harness the restorative power of travel to their own self care as well as broadening horizons for their students

  • Best Practices in Lesson Design: structuring engaging lessons with both routines and high interest strategies, integrating multiple forms of assessment, backwards planning, weekly lesson plans to keep your weekends free, and more.

  • Teaching and Grading the Literary Analysis Essay: best practices in creating a game-plan that will alleviate grading stress and have a higher return on investment in writing instruction

Professional Development Experience

Here are just a few of the events where I’ve presented both in person and virtually.

Step Up to the Mic! (October 2011)

Character Education Conference - San Francisco, CA


Best Practices in Lesson Planning for New Teachers: a six week course (SUMMER 2009-2010)

Golden Apple Foundation - Chicago, IL


new edtech ideas for assessment (SPRING 2016)

West Chicago Community High School Inservice Day - West Chicago, IL


Travel as Teacher Self Care (January 2-5, 2019)

Educators 2 Educators New Year Reboot - Online Conference


Bringing Literature to Life Through Simulations (March 1, 2019)

English Language Arts County-Wide Institute Day - Wheaton North High School, Wheaton, IL

Coming Soon!

Here are a few of the upcoming conferences where I will be presenting:

Battlefields, Castles, and Starlit Nights: Harnessing the Magic of Setting (June 20, 2019)

Keeping the Wonder Workshop - Lexington, KY


Six Technology Solutions to Cure Reading Boredom (July 22-24, 2019)

Teach With Tech Conference - Online (Register here!)


step up your poetry game

Educators 2 Educators Summer Conference - Online Conference